Buy your first bitcoins, litecoins, ethereum on COINBASE – It is not too late!

2017 was a great year your cryptocurrencies. Look at the historical snapshot from january 1st 2017.

Bitcoin: 963$

Ethereum: 8,26$

Ripple: 0,006540$

Litecoin: 4,37$

Monero: 13,58$

Dash: 11,26$

ZCash: 48,53$

And where are they now on January 7th 2017:


Bitcoin: 17.131,27$

Ethereum: 1.097,65$

Ripple: 3,19$

Litecoin: 300,10$

Monero: 476,33$

Dash: 1334,78$

ZCash: 815$


Buy your first bitcoins, litecoins, ethereum on coinbase with your bank account or debit card. It’s the easiest way to get those coins and invest them in other sleeping giants. Which one will be the next bitcoin, ethereum, dash in 2018? There are hundreds of coins. Not all of them has the same potential. But if you do your research and be patient and hold them for a few months or 1-2 years, you can gain some decent profits. 

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