Important: Donation goal per month: $15 – otherwise I have to CLOSE DOWN THE SITE. and acidimg has stopped their affiliate program today. had the best paying image host affiliate program and acidimg also payed very well. This means that I cannot cover the monthly costs for host service anymore. I need your support, otherwise I have to close down the site. The goal is at least $15 per month.

The site has 1.500-2.000 visitors per day. We need only 15 people to donate 1$ per month and everything is fine. Think about it, what is 1$ per month? 


Tell me one site where you can see different full thumbnail-sets of your favourite girls with one click. Support this site!


You can use the donate button on the right top side or you can donate with litecoin: LfVwSxwob84igPMpVBMtP4s3RA7LEhAfxW


Please leave a comment after donating, so I don’t miss one out. You can request three new sets of your favourite girls for every donation. Thank you!

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