Only Secretaries – Jocelyn Kay – (31. May 2012) – (138x)



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  1. jason

    this model reminds me of my kindergarten teacher. She was so tiny it was amazing and I think this model is tiny too. My kindergarten teacher would always wear heels to school but take them off and walk barefoot or in stocking feet. I talked her into measuring with me at the end of the school year and I was taller than her in kindergarten. She was cool about it but I could tell she wasn’t thrilled about being shorter than a kindergarten kid. She must have been way under 5 feet tall because I barely reached 5 feet tall in first grade the next year and I was several inches taller than her. I kept going back to measure with her throughout the years and she was shorter and shorter to me and i loved looking down to her. I told her once “Are you shrinking?” She said “I certainly feel like it”. By fifth grade I would go and measure with her and she was at my lower chest level. I didn’t see her for a long time after that until I was in College. I was looking at something in the mall and heard a laugh way beneath me. I looked down and there was my little kindergarten teacher looking up to me. No joke her eye level was about at my belt. She was so small to me it was almost uncomfortable to stand over her. She just laughed it off and still texts me from time to time.


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