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  1. Xavier

    She is so beautiful she reminds me of my aunty whose name was Carla too. My aunt was a midget but so beautiful and a little heavier than this model. Carla seems very tiny too when she stands next to other models. My aunt lived with us as I was growing up and she was only 4’2″ but fine as she could be

  2. Xavier

    The reason I like this site is because all the women are wearing pantyhose and my tiny aunt Carla would always wear pantyhose with the tallest heels she could find. At home she would take off her heels but always still be in pantyhose or stocking feet. She said that she didn’t like the look of her bare feet is why but her bare feet were pretty too. My parents were very tall both over 6 feet tall and towered over my aunty. My mom was her little sister but was so much taller than her it was crazy. My mom was also very motherly towards her and very protective. Even though my aunt was successful in her career as a legal assistant my mom would bite off any one’s head if they made short jokes or rude remarks.

  3. Xavier

    My aunt kind of played into the little sister role and would hardly ever disagree with what my mom would say. She was only a few years older and I think was probably tiny next to my mom most of her life. Most people think of midgets as not proportioned evenly but my aunt really looked a lot like the model above. She was a little heavier in the chest area and actually had very beautiful shapely legs even though they were so little. What I loved most were her little feet that were so cute especially in pantyhose. I loved her tiny hands too because even as a small kid they were smaller than my hands and I thought I was big stuff.

    Long story short I grew very tall even as a kid and ended up being 6’8″. So when I was 6 I passed my little aunty up and she would always act so proud of me and always tell me I was going to be such a big football star. My parents had named me after a great hometown football player they had grown up with. So I started playing football at age 8 and my parents and aunty would be at all my games from then on.

    By 10 years old I was 5’4″ and I loved hugging my aunt who would always be on her tip toes to hug me now. It made me feel so big and tough. She was such a good looking woman and had men asking her out all the time. My parents were almost like her parents too always wanting to meet who she was going out with and telling her whether they liked the guy or not.

    I loved watching TV with her because I was so attracted to her legs and feet in pantyhose. She would have to jump on to our couch and her little feet would barely go past the cushions when she would sit down. Most of the time she would tuck her feet underneath her body but I loved watching her little feet dangle from the couch.

  4. Xavier

    I continued to grow at a fast rate and she continued to look smaller daily to me. As I got older she became really flirtatious with me which I loved. She would always ask me to pick her up so she could look at things like her shoes in the closet which she always put up too high for her. She had a step ladder but liked to be lifted by me.

    I was 6’8″ by the time I was 16 and loved to tease and flirt with my aunt too. She knew I loved her and had a major crush on her too. she was headed out clubbing one night and was wearing a revealing dress with nude pantyhose. She hadn’t put on her heels though and so was eye level with my belt. She hugged my butt area and said “dance with me” I looked down and there she was trying to get as tall as she could just to hug my waist area. I couldn’t even reach down far enough to dance with her. I was looking down while she struggled to reach up to my waist level above her head. As I looked down on her I had a perfect view of her beautiful chest. She looked up to me and said “how’s the view up there? Geez you make me feel so tiny!” I picked her up to dance and she held me tightly. We were both enjoying the moment. She asked how I liked her dress and so I held her out in front of me as if to see her completely. She just laughed and struggled as I held her out in front of me with her little feet dangling in the air. I told her I liked it and her silky hose as I ran my hand over her legs. I put her little tiny foot between my thumb and index finger and she laughed with amazement at how big my hands were compared to her. She is so beautiful!


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