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  1. jason

    I’ve always had a thing for redheads and I had a middle school teacher who looked like this model and always wore very tall heels. Her legs looked so good and it was such a tease to be in her class my 6th grade year. She would always teach tutorials after school for anyone needing help and no one ever went so she would usually use that time to clean and prep for the next day. I faked needing help in her class one day just so I could have some one on one time with her. She was always so cool to me and really was a good teacher too. She always wore skirts, pantyhose, and very tall heels to school but what I didn’t know was that she would kick off her heels after school and walk around in her pantyhose feet. Good thing she wore heels for her or I think half the class would have been taller than her. She was so tiny when I walked in for help. She said “Holy cow Jason! Did you just hit a major growth spurt or something, you are so tall!” I was big for the 6th grade and had just hit a big growth spurt but she was so tiny without those giant heels on. I was even more taken with her after this because I loved towering over her. I grew a lot that year and by the end of it I was over 6 feet tall and she had to have been 5 feet tall tops.

    The next two years of middle school I would go visit her after school even though she was no longer my teacher. Her husband was a basketball coach for a prep school nearby which was like a minor league for D1 college ball. He really showed some interest in me because I was getting really good, I was really tall for my age and his wife talked me up I think. My teacher was a flirt by nature and I loved how she would kind of flirt with me because she had to have known I thought she was so hot. She would say as I would continue to grow and she would put her arm around me looking way up to me “how can you do this to me, I feel shorter every time I see you. I must look so tiny all the way down here” She really did look tiny. It made it all the better that she was on her tip toes the whole time she would talk to me which only made her seem even smaller. I was 6’8″ by the time I left middle school and she was a little bitty thing next to me. I think she enjoyed being so small because she would always emphasize our height difference. She would hug me and say “I feel like a little kid next to you”. My last day of school I went to see her and she ran up to me to give me a hug and it just kind of naturally happened that I picked her up off the ground. She laughed and said “I’m such a little thing compared to you, you have to pick me up to even give a hug”.

    I played my freshman year at a regular school and then transferred to her husbands school my sophomore year. I grew to over 7 feet and had plenty more times to see her and lift her up for hugs.


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