Only Tease – Natasha Anastasia – (7. June 2016) – (134x)



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  1. paul

    Wow she is beautiful! She is the twin double of a teacher I used to have

  2. paul

    I used to have such a crush on this 4th grade teacher of mine who looked so much like this model. This teacher was so beautiful too and always wore dresses and very high heels to school. She was tiny but I didn’t realize it at the start of the school year because her heels were so high. She was a very young teacher and we were her first class. I think she was 22 when she started with our class. I would just sit and stare at her as she taught or walked around class. When she would catch me looking at her I would look down quickly. I would love to hear the click of her heels as she walked around checking our work. I would always ask her to come help me because she would put her arm around me to explain things.

    I had played after school a little and one day noticed that the door to her class was wedged open. I went in only to find an empty classroom. The door to the hallway was open too. I could hear a couple of Teacher’s talking in another classroom further away and decided to leave but I saw these beautiful heels sitting by her desk neatly put to the side. I had recognized them from her wearing them all the time. I was interested because they looked so small so I went over there and measured my foot to the heels. My foot looked gigantic next to the heels.

  3. paul

    I immediately became fixated on her height. It made me feel so emboldened that I saw how tiny her heels were next to my shoes. It turned me on so much as a 10 year old boy to think I would be taller than her one day. Then I started thinking maybe I already was as tall as her given the size of her heels. I wanted to surprise her one time without her heels on. We were taking these standardized tests about a week later and she was walking around checking on us as we took the test for about two hours straight before a break. She put her hand on my back and smiled at me and asked if everything was ok. I must have been zoning out thinking about her. As she walked away I noticed I didn’t hear and clicking of her heels as she walked. It was perfect, she was walking around in her stocking feet with those perfect little feet of hers I think not to make noise as we worked. As I looked at her as she checked on more of my classmates she looked visibly shorter. I was sure I was taller than her at this point because a much smaller kid than me asked her to go to the bathroom and he was about to her mouth in height. She mentioned something to him about how tall he was getting and he just shrugged his shoulders like he didn’t know what she was talking about. She went to the back of the class where her desk was and I saw her heels tucked under her desk. She called out for a break and told everyone to go to the bathroom. I decided to use the time and see if I could get her to stand up next to me. It took a few questions but I was looking down at a paper telling her I didn’t understand something. She was busy doing other work but she finished her task and said “let me look at it for your sweety” The anticipation was killing me. I loved how she called us sweety and honey all the time too. I’ll never forget as she swung her chair around revealing those perfect tiny feet in nude pantyhose and stood up. She was tiny to me as she stood there in confusion at first. She was shorter than I imagined she would be to me. She finally spoke when it registered with her that she was looking up to her student that I was taller than her. She said “Oh my goodness, you’re taller than me! By a lot!” Wow, what a moment when she stood at my side and put her arm around my waist looking up to me in amazement. She went up and down on her tip toes trying to see if she could be taller than me but I remained taller. I asked her how tall she was and she said just under 4’11”. I was 5’5″ at that point so I knew I was over 6″ taller than her. She stood in front of me and measured herself and was only as tall as the bottom of my lip. She went back to my side and put her arm around me again. She said “you are going to be really tall one day I think. You make me feel tiny already and you’re only in the 4th grade.” I was looking down on her and she was looking straight up to me and she said “you’re enjoying looking down at little ol me aren’t you.” I laughed a little and nodded and then she laughed. She said “ok there giant, take your seat and finish the test” As the class got settled she was back in her heels clicking to the front which was disappointing. she called the class back to order and then said something about before we get started again she wanted me to come to the front of the class. As I was walking up there she said something about she just found out an interesting fact she wanted to share with all of the class. I must have just had a growth spurt because as I came up to her and she put her arm around me I could tell I was barely looking down to her in her heels. The class noticed it too. then she took off her heels and the class erupted with cheers. She said something about how she couldn’t believe one of her students was already taller than her.

  4. paul

    I continued to visit her after I finished that year and visited 2-3 times a year after she was done with school. She was always in her pantyhose feet after school because I’m sure she was tired of wearing her tall heels all day. She told me she usually spent at least an hour after school cleaning her room and prepping for the next day. Luckily my middle school got out just in time for me to see her after school. I grew taller and taller and she would always comment on how tall I was getting. I loved when I had to start bending down to give her a hug because she was so tiny to me. she was always so sweet to me. I thought at the time it must have bugged her to have a past student come and visit her and compare heights every time. I know all the comments and things I get for being tall she must have gotten for being so small. Right before I finished eighth grade I went to visit her and I had just had another growth spurt. She told me it just wasn’t even fair anymore how tall I was getting. I was about 6’3″ at the time. She admitted to me even though she claimed 4’11” that she was really closer to 4’10”. I wasn’t trying to be rude and she was a good sport about it but as she stood by my side with her arm around my waist she measured our feet and said “look how big your feet are, goodness! They are like twice the size of mine.” She then looked up to me and I looked down at her. She was smiling up to me and I couldn’t believe how far down there she was. This is where I said “Wow, you are so tiny” I thought it was rude how it came out even though it was just amazement from my part. She laughed and said “well, to you I am”. As I left she gave me another hug and I loved that even on her tip toes and with me bending down I could rest my chin on the top of her head. I didn’t get to see her again for a very long time because my high school let out to late to go by and see her after class. Even though my high school was right across from the elementary school where I grew up. I went several times to visit with no luck.

    My senior year I was playing a basketball game with a big crowd there. I was getting a short rest on the bench and I heard my name called. I looked around and didn’t see anyone. I heard my name again and saw the most beautiful lady in the world waving at me. She was smiling big and was about 4 rows behind our bench. She was with her niece from what I found out later and wanted to show her niece a very tall boy she used to teach she said later. Her niece was only like 5 and overwhelmed by everything. We talked back and forth for a little and it was hard to hear. I told her I had come by several times but she had already gone by that time. She told me to tell her when I could come visit and she would wait. We agreed on a date the next week before my coach started yelling at me and told me to get back in the game. I played great the rest of the game because she gave me purpose. I looked for her after the game and she had already left.

    I couldn’t get her out of my mind until I went to see her the next week. I was 6’11” at this point or 7 feet with shoes on. She was dressed so beautifully when I saw her. She had on a beautiful pink dress with tan hose and very tall pink heels. She almost ran to me to give me a hug as I walked in and I pressed my luck but was thinking because she went to my basketball game maybe she liked me too. So I picked her up in a hug. She squeezed my neck tightly so I was guessing she didn’t mind me holding her in a hug. I swayed her back and forth loving the feeling of holding her. When I finally put her down I was looking way down to her. She said “oh my goodness, you are such a giant now!” She hugged me again and I loved hugging her back looking down on her pretty blonde hair. She looked up to me and said she loved watching my game and was so impressed with me. She told me again how little I made her feel and then said “watch this” and she took off her giant heels that I had forgotten she was even wearing. She laughed and hugged me again as she was down beneath my stomach now. I didn’t think about it at the time but without her heels on I was over 2 feet taller than her.

    We talked and caught up and I could tell she was flirting with me at this point. I took a brave step and asked her out. She was caught off guard at first and said she didn’t think she could. I told her I was 18 now and an adult. she pondered that for a little and then said “what would people think, I used to be your 4th grade teacher and am like 12 years older than you.” I could tell she was thinking about it and that was good. I told her I had a crush on her ever since she taught my class. I also told her that I was like 26 inches taller than her and that made up for any age difference. Then I asked her “Are you really concerned that someone might think you will take advantage of me? You are like tinkerbell next to me now” She laughed and then agreed to go out with me. I asked her what she liked to do and she said “let’s just keep it simple at first. Come over to my house and I’ll cook us some dinner and we’ll watch a movie or I love to slow dance to country music” We set the date.

    When I arrived at her house with flowers she was wearing a black dress and stockings. She was wearing an apron and I gave her the flowers which I could tell was a hit. She had country music playing in the background as she got dinner ready. She cooked great too and I ate a ton which I think made her feel good. A song came on and she said “I love this song, come dance with me”. It was a slow song and I didn’t quite know how to dance with her because she was so small. She had her arms around me and her head laid up against under my stomach. I finally picked her up and she didn’t protest as I swayed her to the music. I loved the look in the mirror of her little feet dangling as we danced. Then she put her head on my shoulder and we must have slow danced for about an hour. She was so tiny and light in my arms I could have danced all night like that. We watched movies and she sat in my lap and I cuddled her tight. It was such a great first date. I lifted her up and we kissed goodnight. I still go out with her but we kept it under wraps until a few years later when I was in college.

    1. Xavier

      What a great story. I had a little tiny teacher too and she wasn’t as coy as yours. We had her in middle school and then again in high school. Me and all my friends were all over 6’5″ on the basketball team. None of us ever hit 7 feet but I was 6 foot 9 by my senior year. She would take off her heels all the time and stand by us and especially me because I was the tallest. I would constantly call her short stuff or munchkin. You would have thought that would have offended her but I think she liked it because she would always come back for more. i look back now and i don’t see how we got away with the stuff we did with her because i would lift her up and she would pretend to struggle and I would keep her just high enough off the ground where her feet couldn’t touch. she would scold me but I could tell she liked it. she would shout at me like put me down this instant, I am not a toy. She was though and she liked it. She invited me over to help her with some things around the house one time and wore very seductive clothing. If she didn’t have heels on she was so little. When I was done she gave me a hug and I put my hand on her head and said no problem squirt. She looked up to me and put her chest right in my crotch because that is how short she was to me and said who are you calling squirt. I won’t say what came next.


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